_5-DAY Thyroid Healing Challenge – DAY 3

We’re halfway through the Thyroid Healing Challenge and I’m so glad you’re still with me! Here’s what’s happening today:

Day 3 Overview:

  1. Day 3 Meals: Try something new! 
  2. Thyroid Healing: Supplements for Healing
  3. Challenge Links, Archives, etc.


1. Day 3 Meals 

Have you found a breakfast you like? Discovered your favorite way to make a salad or a wrap? What are you making for dinner? Try something new and share your thoughts and suggestions in the Facebook group!

You can find all the recipes in the Challenge Guide

2. Thyroid Healing: Supplements for Healing

People ask me al the time: ‘what supplements can  help heal our thyroids?’ 

First, changing your diet is the MOST important step you can take  in your healing journey. Removing foods that trigger your immune system and adding those that nourish you are by far the best things you can do for your health.

That said, even the best diet can be deficient in key nutrients. 

There are three reasons we might want to take supplements in addition to eating a healing diet: 

1 – Some nutrients aren’t as available in our foods as they used to be 

2 – Thyroid problems can make it difficult to absorb essential nutrients. 

3 – Some compounds have been found to be very beneficial at higher concentrations than what is found in foods. 

Here are the supplements that I find to be most helpful for thyroid healing:

In addition, there are four natural compounds that have been found to help with inflammation, blood sugar regulation, and insulin resistance: 

I purchase most of these (except for the probiotics and myo-inositol) from the company Thorne because their products are high-quality, affordable, and tested by an independent laboratory.  

For the week of the Challenge you can get the THORNE VITAMINS FOR 20% OFF when you use this link:


The myo-inositol and probiotics I get from Amazon. You can find them here: Thyroid Healing Supplements

I will talk more about the role of supplements in a thyroid healing diet in tomorrow night’s (Thursday, May 20) Facebook Live. 

3. Challenge Links, Archives, etc

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Here’s to a happier healthier you. See you online!



Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.


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