Deep Dive Thyroid Health Consultation with Coach Danielle

Tired of being tired?

Had enough of dismissive doctors?

Ready to get answers about what is going on with your body – and how you can get your life back?

Can you relate?

  • Your brain fog & memory problems are so bad they’re affecting your work & life
  • You’ve gained weight from out of nowhere & you can’t get rid of it
  • You’re seeing more hair in the brush or shower drain & less & less on your head
  • Your body aches and you have muscle or joint pain for now apparent reason
  • You often eat a meal and feel like you’ve swallowed a beach ball
  • You’re exhausted all the time no matter how much you sleep
  • You get rashes, hives, or eczema but can’t identify the culprits – or it feels like you’re sensitive to everything
  • You want to hide your hands because your nails are always breaking or peeling
  • You keep warm socks, fingerless gloves, or a sweater at hand year-round because you’re always cold
  • Your period is irregular (heavy or light) & your doctor can’t explain why

If you have any/all of these symptoms (& perhaps a whole bunch of others)

but keep hearing that you’re “fine” because your lab results are “normal”…

GUESS WHAT: it’s NOT “normal” to feel awful–and you don’t have to live that way

We all know the frustration of waiting for weeks to get an appointment with a doctor–only to leave after a rushed visit with even more questions than when you arrived and no useful answers.

Going to multiple doctors, and getting all kinds of tests done –but not getting any answers or help.

Or worse, going to your doctor with your symptoms, struggles, and fears and being dismissed as hysterical, hypochondriac, lazy, or “just stressed”.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your time getting answers from someone who really understands thyroid disorders and healing solutions?

If you could do a Deep Dive on your personal health history, lab work, and other critical information with someone who with both the scientific knowledge and personal experience of thyroid disorders?

Someone who could explain what is going on with your thyroid and give you the answers you need to understand your body and finally heal?

Hi, I’m Thyroid Coach Danielle Meitiv, MS, PHC, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

I understand the frustration of trying to figure out what’s wrong with your health.

What it’s like to multiple doctors, and get all kinds of tests done but not getting any answers or help.

I know and understand because I’ve been there, too!

I’ve had so many awful and mysterious symptoms. From brain fog to miscarriages, fatigue to digestive pain, weight gain to muscle and joint pain–for decades–and no one could tell me what was going on.

After going from doctor to doctor, I was eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. But still, no one could tell me what that really meant–or what I could do to heal.

Finally, fed up with the failures of conventional medicine, I used my scientific training to learn everything I could about Hashimoto’s, thyroid function and disorders, autoimmune disease, and more…

And I learned what I needed to do to heal my thyroid and my body and get my life back.

Before I healed my body, I was always puffy, bloated, & in pain.
With my Hashimoto’s in remission, the inflammation, & pain are gone, & I feel great!

To save others from the years of pain, stress, and suffering I went through, I dove deep into the study of functional medicine and thyroid research. Now, I dedicate myself to helping others find the answers and approach they need to heal their bodies and lives for good.

Just imagine…

  • Knowing what to eat to nourish your body & what to avoid to heal for good
  • Having the energy, focus, & mental clarity to do your best work
  • Losing weight & keeping it off without counting calories or spending long hours at the gym
  • Knowing you could count on a good night’s sleep & feel well-rested in the morning
  • Experiencing a healthy menstrual cycle & sex drive
  • Having luxurious & healthy-looking hair, skin, & nails

Having the energy & vitality to not only get through the day but to pursue your goals & dreams!

And so much more!

Thyroid Coach Danielle Meitiv, MS, PHC, AMFC-1

  • Certified Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Scientist with 25+ years experience applying the latest science & research to solve complex problems.
  • Master Health Coach & educator who has helped 100’s of women & men with thyroid dysfunction
  • 53-year old mother of two with a thyroid disorder
  • Woman who has boosted her energy, healed her body, and lost weight–in spite of having Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism for more than 30 years!

I work with women and men who have:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Grave’s disease
  • Thyroid nodules & goters
  • Thyroidectomy (full or partial)

By reviewing lab results and conducting detailed interviews, I will work with you to develop a comprehensive picture of your health. I will listen to your symptoms and experience and help you find the answers and understanding you have been searching for.

What people are saying about Coach Danielle:

In the first 2 weeks of following Coach Danielle’s suggestions, Virginia S’s stomach problems went away & she lost 6 pounds. She also regained her energy and was able to get out of bed and play at the park with her three young children everyday! After two months she was down 21 pounds and her symptoms were gone.

By following Coach Danielle’s recommendations, Yvette L. conquered her lifelong sugar addiction and banished her carb cravings! She lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks. She continued to heal for a total weight loss of 33 pounds.

Kati J. wanted to avoid the scale, so while she worked with Coach Danielle, she tracked her progress via her clothing. She dropped TWO dress sizes in two months, improved her energy and health, and dropped another dress size in the few weeks that followed for a total of 3 dress sizes in 4 months.

Still have questions or want more info?

The real question you need to ask yourself is, can I afford NOT to address my thyroid problems, once and for all?