Sept Challenge – Everything you need to start your thyroid healing journey

Hello !I am so excited that you joined my Free Five-Day Thyroid Healing Challenge, which officially starts MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th. The Thyroid Healing Challenge will focus on critical mindset and eating practices that can boost our energy and metabolism to help us heal our bodies, get rid of our awful symptoms, and lose weight. Yes, it is possible! I know this because I myself have done it by following these steps, along with so many others.
Even if you have tried before and have not seen the results you wanted, this will be different!First of all, I will be guiding you the entire time, giving you the support, information, and encouragement you need to make changes that will improve your life.

I am a scientist with 25+ years experience interpreting and applying the latest research to solve all complex problems.
I am a health coach who has helped people just like you heal their bodies.
I am a woman of 52 who also has Hashimoto’s, and I have boosted my energy, healed my body, and lost weight using these very techniques.
Second, you won’t be doing it alone! In the Facebook group, you will be among more than THIRTY-FIVE HUNDRED friends with thyroid issues who understand your struggles and will be going through this challenge with you.

So let’s jump in!



1. Download and Review the Challenge Guide

For the five days of this challenge, we will focus on eating those foods that support healing and do not trigger autoimmune symptoms.That means eating lots of vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins, and eliminating gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy, as well as processed foods and excess sugar.

2. Use the Pantry List in the Thyroid Healing Challenge Guide to shop for the ingredients and tools that will help heal your body.

The Challenge Guide explains why healing your thyroid starts with your diet. It includes suggested meals with recipes, as well as beverages and snacks, along with a pantry list to make shopping easier. There are more meals than days, so you choose the ones you want to try and shop for those. 

Post pics of your meals! I will also be eating these meals during the week and posting pics in the Facebook group.

3. Review and fill out the Symptoms Checklist located in the Thyroid Healing Challenge Guide. This will help you to be more aware of how your thyroid condition affects you, to notice any reactions you may have to foods, and to document changes in your symptoms over the course of the week and beyond.
4. Designate or Purchase a Journal or Notebook. We will be taking a few minutes at the end of each day to think about how we are feeling, note any symptoms, and write down our reflections and observations.

5. Join the Facebook group.

If you’re not already a member, I urge you to join the group and introduce yourself! I will be there everyday, posting information about the day’s challenge, as well as other insights and information, and answering any questions you have.

I will also host two Facebook Live broadcasts there:

  • Tuesday, September 21st @ 7:30PM EST, and
  • Thursday, September 23rd @ 12:30PM EST

This is your opportunity to ask questions of a experienced thyroid coach and expert, so take advantage of me. 🙂

I hope you find these resources valuable. Please hit reply if you have any questions, or find me in the Facebook group.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started on your thyroid healing journey!


P.S. If you know of anyone else who would benefit from this Challenge, they can register for the 5-Day Thyroid Healing Challenge at this link. (They need to register to receive all of the daily email goodness!)


Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.

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