March 5-Day Thyroid Healing Challenge – DAY 5

Welcome to Day 5, the final day of the Thyroid Healing Challenge!

We’ve come a long way! Through the challenge tasks and emails, the Facebook groups and lives, and your questions, we’ve discussed what thyroid disease is, how it shows up in our bodies and lives, and what we can do about it.

We’ve learned new ways to eat and move, how to identify triggers, and what foods nourish us and help our bodies to heal.

Whew, that’s a lot! A lot to take in, especially if this diagnosis or way of thinking was new to you when we started. So let’s take a deep breath.

Yes, right now. In slowly through the nose and out again. Just like that. And again.

Healing is a process. A journey. You don’t have to do it all at once.

Remember, I’m here for you no matter what stage of the journey you are in. Gathering info. Tracking symptoms. Learning about options. Taking baby steps. 

Every stage is valid. Every step counts. 

You got this.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to continue this work beyond this week, join me in the 8-Week Thyroid ENRG Recovery Program. It’s a group coaching program that will build upon the work you’ve started here. 

I’ll take you through the steps needed to boost your energy and metabolism so you can lose weight and get your life back. 

The Thyroid ENRG Recovery Program runs from April 12 to June 6, 2021 and is limited to ONLY 25 PEOPLE.  When it’s full, its’ full until the next time I run it.

I’ll send out info in a separate email. Or if it sounds good to you and you want to guarantee your place, you can sign up here.

Day 5 Overview:

  1. Day 5 Meals
  2. Day 5 Journal Prompt: 3 Things My Best Self Would Do
  3. Day 5 Self-Care Activity: Thyroid Healing Yoga
  4. Thyroid Healing Final Step: Putting It All Together
  5. Meet me in the Facebook Group
  6. Challenge Links, Archives, etc.


1. Day 5 Meals 

How are you doing with the Challenge Pantry List & Recipes? Did you find some you like? Ones you want to add to your regular repertoire?

How did it feel to remove gluten? Dairy? Do you notice any difference in your energy level? Sleep?

How do you plan to use this new understanding of food and your body to continue your healing journey? Let us know in the Facebook Group! 

2. Day 5 Notes/Journal Prompt: Three Things My ‘Best Self” Would Do 

Maybe it’s something you learned in this Challenge. Removing trigger foods from your diet. Committing to a regular yoga or meditation practice. Or even something as simple as spending  ore time with the people I love. 

Write down three things that your ‘best self’ would do that you’re not currently doing–and think about how you can bring them into your life  

3. Day 5 Self-Care Activity: Thyroid Healing Yoga

This is a WONDERFUL sequence of positions or asanas that can bring relaxation to your body and healing to your thyroid. If you are new to yoga or at a beginner level, stick with the first five of these asanas – the last two are for more experienced practitioners. 

Yoga for Thyroid: 7 Effective Asanas to Regulate Thyroid Function

4. Thyroid Healing Step #5: Keep going!

This week you’ve learned about diet, stress reduction, meditation, movement, and more. How are you going to incorporate these insights into your healing journey?

 5. Meet me in the Facebook Group!

The Facebook group will remain open – you can find me and your thyroid warrior peers there if you have questions.

6. Challenge Links, Archives, etc

  • If you haven’t already, join the Facebook group
  • Don’t worry if you can’t find an email. All Challenge emails, materials, etc. will be available on this Archive Page shortly after they are sent out. (Please do not share this link with anyone who hasn’t joined the free challenge).
  • It’s not too late to join! If you know of anyone who could benefit from this Challenge, they can still register here.

I’m active on TikTok and Instagram ( and you can contact me via my website (

No matter what stage of the journey you’re on, I’m here for you.

Every stage is valid. Every step. You got this.



Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.

TikTok: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle

Instagram: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle