Welcome to Day 2 of the Thyroid 101 Masterclass!

Welcome to the Thyroid 101 Masterclass. This is the second video in the series and whether you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s or suspect that your thyroid may be responsible for your awful symptoms and struggles, you’re in the right place. 

The place to learn how to heal your thyroid, lose weight, and get your life back. 

I’m Danielle Meitiv, scientist, health coach, and mom with Hashimoto’s and I’ve taught literally thousands of people how to eliminate their symptoms for good–including dropping that stubborn weight–and get their lives back.

The response has been incredible. Hundreds of you have watched the first video and downloaded the free pdf.

Thanks so much for tuning in! 

Now if you missed the first video in this series, you should go check it out because I covered:

  • how your thyroid works,
  • the whole range of symptoms that can happen when it doesn’t, and
  • how you can tell what your particular hypothyroid symptoms are. 

You can find it here: Thyroid Masterclass Part 1.

And I gave one of the answers to that maddening question: Why Do I Still Have Symptoms If My Labs Are Normal?

Thyroid Lab Tests & Optimal Range: FREE Handout!

This chart lists the six lab tests that you need to get a comprehensive understanding of how your thyroid is functioning, also known as a complete or full thyroid panel. Download it and keep it somewhere so you can refer to it easily.

Remember, understanding what is going on in your body is the first step to healing!

You can download it here: Complete Thyroid Panel

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What did you learn today? And more importantly – what are yo going to DO with that knowledge? Tell me an action that you are going to take now that you know what you need to know!

7 thoughts on “Thyroid Healing Masterclass 2021 – PLC 2”

  1. I’ve had two experiences with doctor’s opinions. One doctor was all-for surgery in the beginning of my diagnosis and later when I transitioned to another doctor, they wanted me to go through the slow treatment process. I understood more about hyperthyroidism as time had progressed, but I’m STILL not understanding the reasoning between these two opinions. Therefore, today I sit here with extreme cases of anxiety issues that lead very well into a depressive state and treating Graves with medication yet no option for surgery. Please make this make sense!!

  2. Also, if the lab work range is different, can we compare our results to the optimal range?
    For instance, my free T4 range is 0.78-2.19
    And my results were 1.08. Can that be compared to the 15-23 optimal range?

  3. These are great questions and comments

    Brenda – I am sorry that you have had such a frustrating experience with Grave’s disease. Many Drs jump straight to surgery or RAI, but that has very serious consequences – it means destroying the thyroid, which leaves you hypo for the rest of your life. Because Grave’s is an autoimmune disease, you can likely calm down the attack via diet and lifestyle and may not need any of the above strategies.

  4. Deidre – There are a few options for T3. The most important is to help your body make more of it by stopping the autoimmune attack on your thyroid and eliminating the inflammation. You can also get a medication that has T3. I will go into both of these options in the next video

  5. Thank you for educating me in this confusing thyroid journey.
    I am now ready to talk to my doctor and get better answers than…take your pill, eat less, and exercise. So infuriating! I agree our doctors work for us. Some times you need to fire them and find a better employee. Time to stand up to the dismissiveness and advocate for a better life.

  6. Thank you I have been dealing with Graves for a long time and quite frankly as menopause approached all seems to be out of wack…I think a big key for me is the food choices I make but is oh so hard when you are battling the moodiness and the rest of it…So looking forward to learning and putting into action the suggestions.

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