Sept – Welcome to Day 1 of the Thyroid Healing Challenge!

Today is the day we start taking charge of our health by taking care of our bodies. This week will give you a taste of how. 

Day by day, we will learn how to tune into our bodies and calm the autoimmune attack and inflammation that cause our symptoms.

Each day, I will introduce you the steps that my clients and I go through to heal our bodies. 


  1. Day 1 Meals
  2. Thyroid Healing Step: Eliminate trigger foods
  3. Meet me in the Facebook Group/Facebook LIVE!
  4. Challenge Links, Archives, etc.
1. Day 1 Meals The Challenge Guide includes many different options for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks. Which recipes did you decide to try? Which was your favorite? Take pictures and post them in the Facebook group under the Day 1 thread!
2. Thyroid Healing Step: Eliminate trigger foodsThe first step in getting rid of the awful symptoms that plague us is to stop doing things that trigger our immune systems. 

When our immune systems are triggered, we get inflammation throughout our bodies and a more aggressive attack on our poor thyroids.
Think of it like trying to empty an overflowing bathtub with a cup–if you don’t turn off the water, you’re not going to be very successful. We need to turn off the flow of inflammation first.

What are the triggers that cause our immune systems to overreact?Unfortunately they are the very things that are common in the Western diet: gluten, soy, dairy, grains. All of these are both irritating to the gut lining when we eat them and triggering to our immune systems when they ‘leak’ into our bloodstream.

And you DO NOT have to have antibodies to these foods or have them show up on a food sensitivity test for them to be wrecking havoc in your body. 

This week is your opportunity to feel what it’s like to remove those triggers from your diet. But this lifestyle is about healing, NOT deprivation!

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about all the delicious NOURISHING foods and ingredients we’re adding to help our bodies heal.
3. Meet me in the Facebook group.If you’re not already a member, I urge you to join the group and introduce yourself! I will be there everyday, posting information about the day’s challenge, as well as other insights and information, and answering any questions you have.
How did the first day of the challenge go? Have thoughts to share or questions for me? Post them in the Facebook group!
4. Challenge Links, Archives, etcIf you haven’t already, join the Facebook group.Don’t worry if you can’t find an email. All Challenge emails, materials, etc. will be available on this Archive Page shortly after they are sent out. (Please do not share this link with anyone who hasn’t joined the free challenge).
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Here’s to a happier healthier you. See you online!
Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.
TikTok: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle
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