Woo hoo, It’s Day 4 of the Thyroid Healing Challenge!

Holy moly, it’s DAY FOUR.

For more than half a week we’ve been focused on eating to heal our bodies. To stop autoimmunity, bring down inflammation, and encourage deep healing. 

How do you feel?   

Some people find that their digestion has improved and bloating is down. Others notice a boost in energy.

But some people find the opposite – their energy is flagging a bit. Or they feel a bit headachy.

That is completely normal. And can actually be a good sign. 

More about this below. 

Day 4 Overview:

  1. Day 4 Meals
  2. Thyroid Healing Step #4: Getting rid of sugar, refined flour, and processed foods. 
  3. Facebook LIVE @ 12:30pm Eastern
  4. Challenge Links, Archives, etc.
1. Day 4 Meals What’s on the menu today? Have you been making the smoothie? Starting the day with chia pudding?
How about lunch – leftovers from last night? Or something new?

This is a new way of eating for many people. We’re so used to getting something out of a box or piling it on top or between two slices of carbs. 

This week is an opportunity to move away from those processed, low-nutrient foods and back to the ways that our grandparents and generations before them ate. 

That is how we will heal. 
2. Thyroid Healing Step #4: Get rid of sugar, refined flour, and processed foods
Many people experience a dip in energy and even a mild flu-like reaction when they reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet. 

That does NOT mean that your body needs those carbs.
On the contrary, it shows that your body was addicted to the sugar high and now you’re experiencing withdrawal.

TIP: If you’re experiencing the  “low-carb flu” DRINK MORE WATER with a pinch of sea salt. And/or sip some pickle juice (yes, really).

The feeling is caused by low electrolytes as your body shifts away from sugar-burning to fat-burning (which is what we want!)
It will pass – and you will feel SO MUCH BETTER when you have kicked the sugar habit.

Sugar and starchy foods (which turn to sugar in your body) are highly addictive. Processed foods are specifically designed to be that way so that you’ll come back for more!

But it’s killing us. Our high carb, highly-processed, nutrient-poor diet is #1 contributor to the epidemic of chronic inflammation that is the cause of nearly every one of the leading causes of death.

Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. Dementia. Fatty Liver Disease. And of course diabetes (which is literally sugar poisoning). ALL of these are caused by eating a high-sugar/carb/processed food diet.

What do I mean why carbs? Simple carbs: sugar (ALL forms), refined flour, starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes).

NOTE: I am NOT advocating a ketogenic or “keto” diet. 
Keto diets have been found to lower thyroid hormone conversion and increase reverse t3. We DO NOT want that.

A keto diet has less than 20-50g of carbs a day. That is too low for most women and certainly anyone with a thyroid condition.

The low-carb approach that can help us heal our bodies–and lose weight–is 75-100g of healthy (vegetable) carbs a day.  

Those of us with thyroid issues are already MORE sensitive to sugar, and more susceptible to insulin resistance, and all the diseases that go with it.

But what exactly does sugar do in our bodies?

Sugar stresses our liver, making it much harder for us to convert thyroid hormones and to detox our body of metabolites, harmful, hormones, and other harmful compounds. 

Sugar suppresses healthy immune function leading to inflammation and an increase in autoimmune symptoms

Sugar alters our gut bacteria, killing off the beneficial microbes that I mentioned in yesterday’s email and feeding those that cause damage and disease – which can increase autoimmunity

Sugar damages our blood vessels, leading to damage, high cholesterol, and the build up of plaque (as our bodies try to repair the damage)

Sugar is converted to fat, much of which is stored as dangerous visceral fat around our waists

Sugar overwhelms our body‘s ability to use and store it, leading to insulin resistance and diabetes

The goal of this week is to shift from a sugar/carb/processed food diet to one that is nutrient-dense and full of healthy fats, protein, and vegetables.

THIS is how we heal.
3. Facebook LIVE @ 12:30pm Eastern
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Here’s to a happier healthier you. See you online!
Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.
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