The Challenge begins tomorrow but your thyroid healing journey starts NOW


The Thyroid Healing Challenge officially starts tomorrow – I’m so excited! 

The next five days will give you a taste of what you can do to boost your energy and metabolism to lose weight and get your life back. 

1. You should have received the Challenge Guide, which includes the information you need for the Challenge. If not, you can download it the Challenge Guide here.

The guide includes: 

  • Information on why and how to eat to heal your thyroid
  • Self-Care Shopping List
  • Thyroid Healing Overview, with a suggested daily schedule
  • Symptom Checklist
  • Pantry List
  • Recipes

You will receive additional guidance, insights, and tips via daily emails. 

2. If you have not already, join the Facebook group. I will be in the group daily, answering questions and posting additional information. Monday through Thursday at 7:00pm EST, I will host a one-hour Thyroid Healing Facebook Live. I’ll go more in-depth on that day’s topics and answer your questions about thyroid healing. 

3. Fill out the Symptom Checklist BEFORE the Challenge starts. This will help you start to tune into your body and give you a baseline against which to judge your progress.

This week is an opportunity for you to jumpstart your healing journey and get a taste of what healthy feels like for you. 

I am so excited to take this journey with you. If you have any questions, find me in the Facebook group, or hit reply to this email.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. If you know of anyone else who would benefit from this Challenge, they can register for the 5-Day Thyroid Healing Challenge at this link. (They need to register to receive all of the daily email goodness!)


Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.

TikTok: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle

Instagram: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle