Recently, I asked my audience for a quick favor. I mentioned that I was really close to finishing up my Thyroid Healing and Weight Loss online course and asked for input. 

The response was fantastic! So many people took the time to answer my questions, and the responses helped me understand what it is that woman struggling with hypothyroidism want and how I can best help them achieve their health goals.

Much of the feedback was incorporated into the course and made it that much better!

As a thank you to everyone who participated, and based on the insights they gave me, I decided to create something else:

A FREE Thyroid 101 Masterclass!

This three-part video series will answer some of the most common questions that I received about hypothyroidism, including:

  • How do I know which symptoms are related to my thyroid problems?
  • What lab tests do I need to diagnose and understand my thyroid issues?
  • If needed, what are the different thyroid medication options and what are the pros and cons of each?

And the #1 question overall:

Why do I still have symptoms if my thyroid labs are normal??? 

These are GREAT questions and the free Thyroid 101 Masterclass will answer them all fully and clearly. 

The videos will be available for one week ONLY starting December 7th. Sign up today so that you don’t miss them!

I’m really excited about this free Thyroid 101 Masterclass and I hope you are too.

Can’t wait to share it with you!