Thyroid Healing Smoothie

The ingredients I use for my smoothies, blended in my vintage 80’s blender! (From my grandfather’s kitchen).

It is so important for people with Hashimoto’s and other autoimmunity to eat nutrient-dense foods to heal their bodies.

Smoothies can be a part of a healing diet. I usually recommend that people eat – not drink – their food because chewing sends important digestive signals to our stomachs. However, people with Hashimoto’s and other autoimmunity often have leaky, damaged guts and difficulty absorbing nutrients from their food. A well-made smoothie can help.

NOTE: I add an organic greens powder rather than mixed greens, kale, etc because, while those foods are wonderful, they can be irritating to the stomach or gut if they’re not well-chewed.

Below I include the specific brands that I use and links to purchase them on Amazon, but you can use others.

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Here is the recipe for my fav Thyroid Healing Smoothie:

(I put the ingredients in the smoothie in this order–powders, oils, berries, milks–so that everything blends well).

(Optional – if/when if I have either/both of these )

1/2 diced organic cucumber
1/2 avocado

I often have this smoothie for breakfast or lunch. Enjoy!