We’re halfway through our 5-Day Thyroid Healing Journey

We’re halfway through the Thyroid Healing Challenge. People keep joining – we’re up to more than 1500 participants.

You know what that means?  

More than 1500 people are taking their health into their owns, learning how to stop merely surviving and start THRIVING – even with a thyroid disorder.


Most of us have been dismissed by doctors, told we’re “fine”, or been shamed for our weight, fatigue, depression, or other symptoms. 

But we’re not accepting that! 

Individually and collectively, we are saying NO. I do not have to suffer. I am going to heal

Day 3 Overview:

  1. Day 3 Meals: Try something new!
  2. Thyroid Healing Step #3: The amazing benefits of colorful veggies
  • Day 3 Meals: Try something new!

  • Have you found a breakfast you like? Discovered your favorite way to make a salad or a wrap? What are you making for dinner? 
    Try something new and share your thoughts and suggestions in the Facebook group!
    You can find all the recipes in the Challenge Guide.
    2. Thyroid Healing Step #3: The amazing benefits of colorful veggies
    Most of us have been told to eat our vegetables. 
    But have you ever stopped to wonder why.
    What is it about these plants that makes them so good for your health – especially when we’re healing from chronic illness, autoimmunity, and thyroid disorders?

    Vegetables are loaded with beneficial phytochemicals. Study after study shows that from vitamins to bioflavanoids, eating vegetables is one of the best ways to add essential nutrients as well as powerful healing compounds to your diet.

    Vegetables (NOT vegetable juice!) are loaded with gut-healing, microbiome-supporting fiber. Fiber is critical for gut health. But not just any kind of fiber – specifically the kinds of complex fiber that makes up green plants. It helps to feed the friendly microbes that we need in our gut.

    These bacteria keep pathogen (illness-producing) bacteria at bay, acting like a part of our immune system. They produce essentials vitamins and neurotransmitters. AND they convert  the storage form of thyroid hormone t4 to t3. Don’t juice your veggies or you’ll miss out on this essential benefit!

    Yes, you CAN eat cruciferous vegetables! Broccoli, cauliflower, arugula and their cousins are NOT serious goitrogens – this is a zombie myth that won’t die! In fact, numerous studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables – also known as Brassicas – are specifically beneficial for thyroid healing.

    (If you are at all concerned about them you can cook them first, as I usually do). 
    If you have trouble digesting veggies – which may be true while your gut is healing – you can get the nutrients and fiber in a more ‘gentle’ form in soup.
    Here’s to a happier healthier you. See you online!
    Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.
    TikTok: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle
    Instagram: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle