Wow! It’s Day 2 of the Thyroid Healing Challenge

Hello !

Yesterday, we kicked off the Thyroid Healing Challenge and the response has been INCREDIBLE! So many people have registered for the Challenge. 

People are asking questions, making comments, and helping each other.

Such an amazing community going through this TOGETHER.

Seriously, y’all are INCREDIBLE.

How did yesterday’s challenge activities go for you?

Did you notice any changes in your energy or symptoms after meals? Of course, it takes time for things to really change, but tuning into your body is the best way to discover exactly what you need to do to heal.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to jump in yesterday – you can start today!

Day 2 Overview:

  1. Day 2 Meals
  2. Thyroid Healing Step #2: Nourishing with Healthy Proteins & Fats
  3. TikTok LIVE: 4:00pm – 5:00pm Eastern timeChallenge Links, Archives, etc.
  4. Challenge Links, Archives, etc.
1. Day 2 Meals 
Did you start your day with lemon water? Something else? What’s the plan for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Have you tried any of the snacks? The Challenge Guide includes many different options!
I had my fav Thyroid Healing Smoothie for breakfast – delish! 
Take pictures and post them in the Facebook Group under the  Day 2 thread!
2. Thyroid Healing Step #2: Nourish with Healthy Proteins & Fats
The suggested recipes for this challenge are high in healthy fats and protein, much more than in the Standard American Diet (yes, it’s SAD!) 

For those of us who have been bombarded with messages about the “dangers” of fat, it can be hard to embrace eating like this.
You may be surprised to learn that the so-called “conventional wisdom, or “what everyone knows” about nutrition is not based on science. 

Yup, the advice that your doctor gives about how to “eat healthy” has more to do with the politics of the food industry than actual knowledge about what the human body needs to thrive.

So what IS the truth about protein & fat?? 

Protein is essential for healing injuries, including our damaged gut lining. 

Adding more protein to your meals helps control hunger hormones. 
Protein is critical to synthesizing hormones as well as neurotransmitters, meaning that adequate protein essential for the functioning of your brain, as well as many other systems. 
Eating protein helps you build and maintain muscle, which lows your risk of many diseases and helps to boost your metabolism.
(Animal products are the best sources of complete, easy-to-digest protein. Plant proteins don’t come close in terms of bioavailability and come from sources that are triggering to your immune system: eggs, soy, dairy, grains, and beans).

Fat is not only safe but CRITICAL for health
This is especially true for those of us with thyroid problems and adding more dietary fat to your meals can help you lose body fat. (Paradoxical, I know, but true).
Fat is a very efficient fuel source for your muscles, and especially your brain. 
Healthy fats like avocado, olive, coconut and animal fats make you feel full longer and give you a steady source of energy, avoiding the highs and lows that come with carbs. 
Relying on fat as a primary energy source has a powerful antioxidant effect, which lowers systemic inflammation
Here’s to a happier healthier you. See you online!
Coach Danielle Meitiv, M.S.
TikTok: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle
Instagram: @Thyroid.Coach.Danielle